Aim Cololurs Fall 2023

Aim Cololurs Fall 2023

As Fall 2023 draws to a close, we can't help but marvel at the incredible journey Aim Colours has had—a journey filled with unforgettable events and remarkable celebrations! Our adventure began with a trip to Finland for Slush 2023, where we found ourselves among the top 100 startups and were met with great excitement for our vision for a colour-changing future. We thank the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship for sponsoring our trip.


Last week, we were selected as one of the five pitch finalists at the Startup Community Awards hosted by MTL New Tech —allowing us to showcase our passion alongside four other outstanding women. Pitching in front of over 400 members of the Montreal startup community - especially after receiving so much support from our family and friends during the voting - was more than just a milestone. It was the embodiment of the collective support that has always propelled us forward. Thank you for believing in us.


These opportunities have opened doors for us to connect with a remarkable group of individuals—investors, passionate entrepreneurs, and like-minded visionaries. A community of support and success has formed around Aim Colours, and we sincerely thank the Montreal ecosystem.


Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship, Startup Montreal, FounderFuel, our mentors who nominated us for the Pitch Prodigy Award, and everyone who has reached out to learn more about our company. Your impact on our journey has been immeasurable, and we are deeply grateful.


Three years ago, I was a graduate student with dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Today, reflecting on this journey feels surreal, and the connections made along the way are a testament to the collaborative spirit of our community that has not only supported a women-founded and led business but has ensured I am always accompanied throughout the ride.


We can't wait to see how our efforts continue to blossom in 2024, and while we know this ride will never be easy, we are confident that having you on our side will get us through anything entrepreneurship keeps throwing at us. Thank you!




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